Excuse me?
You need to watch how you talk about my friend. You are way out of line even more so than before. 
If I had any way to figure out who you are, I would have done more than block your pathetic ass.
Newsflash, putting others down and lying is definitely the job a a 5 year old. So grow up.
If you meant anything to me, fess up, apologize, and I’ll unblock you if you’re worth it.
But honestly, right now I just want to punch you in the face.
But I can’t because you are a coward that hid behind a grey face.
lsdf dsk;ljf
Fuck you. 



Hey you mother fucking bastard. I love Samantha; she’s one of the greatest people I’ve met in this dank town. She is such a great friend and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I would never, EVER, say something like that, even if I were a lesbian, which I’m not, because I have a fucking amazing male fiance that I love to pieces. So why don’t you shut the fuck up, come out behind your spineless gray face, and own up to the shit you’re saying. I would never interact on a friendly level with someone as disgusting and perverted as you, so don’t even try to go around telling one of my best friends that I’m talking to you. She knows better than that. If I need to say something to her, I’ve got her number and I NEVER go on Anon. Don’t you EVER contact Samantha again, you creep. Do it again and I’ll just have my stepfather, a fucking badass cop that knows how to work a system, fucking find your ass and make sure you never even SEE a computer again. Try me. I don’t fucking play games, but I always win.

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    I am so confused
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    You know what? YOU KNOW WHAT? excusethelanguage never said that to you,nor is she said anon, because you know what? I AM...
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